Jane & Wolfgang New Year's Eve 2010

Here's what our customers are saying...

I loved dealing with Wolfgang and Jane.  My land is beautiful, and it’s where I’m going to retire and build a home.  The views are spectacular and the quiet is invigorating.  Brett M from Denver 10-17-17 

"Jane and Wolfgang have been great to work with.  We love our land and visit it frequently to get away from the city.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good experience purchasing land in a great part of Colorado to consider working with Sattler Mountain Land, Inc."  Matt and friends - 10-9-17

10-9-17 --I recently paid off a purchase for a parcel of land in Trinchera Ranch that Jane Sattler sold me. She had a great payment plan option that worked beautifully for me. 15 months same as cash, you can't beat that! We were so thrilled to pay it off this month and making payments on it over time really helped us purchase our land.

 Thank you Jane. -Tracy


Wow! Thank you so much for your advice. If you need me to give you a recommendation at any time please let me know. I will gladly help. Ryan R from TX (5-9-15)


 The viewings were great. Karen and Mike made us feel welcome and Wolfgang was amazing. As you probably know we chose the Talmage lot. We are very happy with our choice. Looking forward to building here.
Thank everyone for their time and effort. - Phil and Norma from Georgia (5-10-15)


I had a great time with Karen, Mike and Wolfgang last weekend! Thank you for everything, I walked away last weekend feeling so good about the property and my buying experience!  Your family has a wealth of knowledge about the land and the area.   Wolfgang needs to write a book on what he knows about the land, I was so impressed.  Thank you again!   Chris B. from Austin TX 7-17-14 

"We received our deed today.  We look forward to many memorable days at the property.  What a pleasure to know we can pass something wonderful to our daughter some day.  The information you provided with the deed was an added bonus.  Again, I cannot express enough the wonderful purchasing experience you have all provided.   God Bless you my warmest regards,
Bruce C - 5/24/12

Hello Mr.& Mrs. Sattler:
Just wanted to say hello and to tell you that every time I want to clear my mind and take a mini-vacation, I go to your website and view all of your beautiful property photos and descriptions.  Your website is very therapeutic and an escape from the sometimes harsh world we live in.  I can see why you are still in business after almost 10 years.  I will always be a loyal client and hope you will be in business for at least another 10 years!

Mike C.
MBVR Property Owner  May, 2011 

Our interactions with Jane and Wolfgang Sattler were nothing short of outstanding.  They are true professionals, knowing well the properties they patiently showed us, and then following up at every question or concern. The process of purchasing land from the Sattlers was flawless.  I wish every transaction in life could go as smoothly as ours did on the purchase of a piece of property with Sattler Mountain Land, Inc. The final package from the Sattlers not only included all required documents, but also beautiful color photos specifically of our lot, dressed in all the fall glory of Colorado mountain land.  Jane and Wolfgang are unquestionably reliable and thorough, as well as just plain nice!   Dee and Ray A. from West Virginia- August, 2010

June 22, 2009 
My wife & I finally made our pilgrimage back to the great state of Colorado. We had no trouble locating our land. And it was just as I expected….we loved it. To “flat land Texans”, it was a piece of exquisite beauty. I knew what I was getting, when I bought it, as I had been through there many times. It was no disappointment…the land is great, just that and the views are tremendous. And I see that utilities are even closer now to my five acres….that is a definite plus. The Blanca Massif had snow on it when we got there and it just snowed more in the high country the longer we were there. That is one beautiful mountain and that is why I bought my five acres. I again want to thank you for all of your help in getting my piece of Colorado. Without you two, my dream of owning some of this beautiful country would never have come to pass. It is just what I always wanted.

Janet & I also did the train, the Great Sand Dunes, the Alien Watchtower, Zapata Falls, Capulin Volcano, Creede’s Bachelor Loop and of course, the Stations of the Cross Shrine in San Luis. These were also very much enjoyed. We stayed for a week in the SLV and are looking forward to going back in the fall. I am planning on hunting up there and I made some good contacts for this.

Charlie & Janet P - Texas 

Los Arcos, Mexico- 2008

Dear Wolfgang,

I hope you are having an enjoyable Summer. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent and professional way you handled our purchase of land at SLVR. I visit your website very often and review the informative information you have posted. The photos are great. I hope to visit next year with my son and hopefully purchase another piece of land.  Feel free to use my name as a reference. We are very happy with our purchase. It was a true pleasure doing business with you and Jane.

Best wishes,

Millicent & Mildred - From New Jersey-emailed 8/31/07


Good Morning!
All the docs are in hand.  Thank you for the nice "closing package."  I will be happy to let you post my very positive testimonial.  This was a pleasant transaction in every way.
Robert F.-- 4/16/07 From Florida

I love the land, it's the best thing I've ever purchased.  Please 
feel free to use me as a reference if you like. 
Sincerely, Eric Mills, University of Arkansas at Little Rock ( 10-17-2005)
"We can finally realize a dream of ours thanks to Wolfgang & Jane.  We are very pleased & fortunate to have met them & to have had the privilege to purchase our land from two of the most down-to-earth, nicest people around.  Thank you so much! Mark & Michelle, Gypsum CO"
~ ~ ~ emailed June 20, 2005

"Several years ago, I was looking for some affordable
property to purchase in northern New Mexico or
Southern Colorado when I practically stumbled on this
fella named Wolfgang who was selling a 5-acre lot in
SLVR. After making my way over to San Luis to research the property, which was a lesson in a rich history and
culture, my skeptical mind was put at ease and I
gladly purchased it from him at a very affordable
price. Since then, I have seen Wolfgang build not only
what is a professional website, but an informative
guide to assist folks who are interested in this
beautiful area. Wolfgang and Jane are truly
ambassadors to the San Luis Valley!" Sincerely,
Greg Bohlmann (Currently residing in Houston, TX) 4-1-2005

"It was a pleasure dealing with Wolfgang and Jane.  They kept all promises promptly and kept up communication throughout our transaction."  The McMahons from Chandler, AZ, January 2005

"I just want to re-iterate something I said in an e mail - you guys are the absolute best. Anyone buying land from you will agree how straight forward you make it, how unstinting in your help, how nice it is to know you. I'd love to stay in touch with you for ages, hopefully buy some more land from you, and just generally  enjoy your company over the net. Thanks for being such great people." ------Brenda Evans, Haywood, Lancashire, United Kingdom

"Just posting a compliment to you two for being so kind and setting aside the time to show us around, you truly are good people."-Thanks Cory, Jessica and little Tristan

"Bought property from Wolfgang - he is as honest as they come."
- David & Laurie O. -Lockport, IL 

"Beautiful backdrop of Mt. Blanca, a dream come true. Very peaceful and away from the "hustle and bustle" of city traffic in Washington DC/Virginia. I bought 10 acres back in October 2001 and visit there from time to time. I want to personally thank Wolfgang and Jane for giving us the opportunity to own the most beautiful land in the world."

- Frank and Dee D. - Fort Belvoir, VA.

"Purchased land from Wolf and Jane. LOVE our land at SDCR. Great, honest people to work with. "
- Carl & Nellie E. - Greeley, CO

"Hello Jane/Wolfgang, Today I received the deed to property, I want to thank you very much and wish you both the very best, Great doing business with you, Your New York friend, OG" (October 1, 2004)

"Please let your potential customers know that Cheryl and John are happy customers and have made life long friends with Jane and Wolfgang. We are truly happy to have met you two. Your kindness and help has meant a lot to us."  Houston, TX

"Vicky and I feel very lucky in finding you!  We had wanted to buy mountain property for quite a while in either northern New Mexico or Southern Colorado. We had looked at numerous websites listing properties. And as good fortune would have it, we finally found your website!   By locating  you and the property you list on your website, we have been able to make part of our dream come true.  "Building our home on the property will fulfill the whole dream!" The property we purchased in SDRC is very beautiful and has a gorgeous and unobstructed panoramic view of the San Luis Valley looking west and Mt. Blanca looking NNW.  Your honest and very helpful approach in answering all of our questions and your willingness to meet us at the property during  March Spring Break in 2003 was most appreciated. You made us feel very comfortable and confident in making a decision to purchase land from an internet based selection process! And your service to your clients doesn't stop with the sale of the property! Both of you continue to go the extra mile in providing answers to questions and keeping us up to date on things happening in the area. I am always eager to show friends and family the photographs of the area and the property just so I can listen to their admiring  comments.  We look forward to meeting you again and one day in the near future  becoming neighbors!  Thank you again for being the nice people you are and doing what you do so well.....finding people the most beautiful parcels of land and picturesque views to purchase in the world!  When people tell me they are looking for property to buy, I refer them to your website!  While the property we bought sold itself, you and Jane made purchasing it a very pleasant experience! Thanks again for all your help!" -Karl and Vicky - Houston

May, 2003 - Top of the World
Wolfgang's Family

Sattler Family Reunion - Memorial Day weekend - 2003
Jane in red shirt, Wolfgang in straw hat

Family & Friends
October 25, 2014 - side of Mt. Blanca

Memorial Service for Wolfgang's brother, Hans Sattler who passed away in May, 2014. 


Back in 1967, Wolfgang's parents moved to Albuquerque and he would take his family to visit down there several times a year. It was 400 miles from Lakewood to Albuquerque (versus 428 on the Interstate) going through Fort Garland and Taos and usually they would take this scenic route. Coming back, you could see the majestic Mt. Blanca towering ahead and Wolfgang fell in love with that beautiful part of Colorado. He bought his first land in the Mt. Blanca Area in 1969. In those days, they advertised: "Own your own San Luis Valley Ranch for 50 Cents a day." Yes, for $15 down and $15/month you could buy a five acre parcel in San Luis Valley Ranches and it was paid off in 10 years. Eventually it became $25 down and $25 per month and later rose to $35. Pretty soon Wolfgang had 3 parcels in the San Luis Valley Ranch Area. These first three parcels were in the "flat" area near the base of the mountain, known as Unit 6. When he retired from the Bureau of Reclamation in 1994, he decided to build a cabin in the area, and now visits 12-15 times each year.

About that time, he was trying to find some interesting activities and decided to buy and sell 5-acre parcels in the Mt. Blanca Area. This has not become a big money maker - but it has become a great hobby. Learning to build a web-site, making offers to current owners to be able buy some of these lots for a reasonable price, a tracing ownership in the County records, and making out and recording deeds, etc. etc. is time consuming but fun.

When he met Jane in 1996, she had a love of New Mexico and Southern Colorado as well and they started to go to the Mt. Blanca Area together. They got married at the stroke of midnight starting the new Millenium in 2000 and Jane joined Wolfgang in this real estate venture. We presently have many  Mt. Blanca and SDCR parcels available and continue to make offers to have a good selection for potential buyers. It is our philosophy to make the information available for interested people, encourage them to look over the area and inspect the lots they are interested in, and then let the land sell itself. We never make any "sales calls" pushing or touting this mountain land. If someone prefers to be shown the available parcels, we become ambassadors to the area- not our specific land and there is never any sales pressure. In the last few years, Wolfgang and Jane have sold many parcels in the Mt. Blanca area, and a sizeable group of the buyers have built cabins or homes or set up trailers and moved there or visit often.  We realized our dream in 2003 by building a small Spanish style home a few miles outside of Ft. Garland in the SDCR area. We  live in a condo in Denver but we drive 220 miles one way several times a month to get down to Costilla County where our heart is in the land.
Because Wolfgang's daughters all love the area as well, we not only spend a lot of vacation time with them in the Costilla County, but in about 2009, Wolfgang's daughter Karen and her husband Mike started learning our business and allowed us to mentor them in all aspects of what we do - from mapping, staking and photographing land, to learning about our contracts and paperwork and developing skills with customers.  Now Karen and Mike own property in the area  themselves and they take an active interest in our operation - often showing land on their own and doing so much to assist.    Mike also helps Jane with the website and Karen helps her dad drive as his driving days are sadly over due to vision problems.